Hope is what drives us.
To a future where we can achieve our goals
by choosing to proceed
Committed to persistence, to create
at any time
or any situation
to embrace hope and move on
KANEBO believes that this is our mission.
KANEBO sincerely strives to support our customers and society.
Through a variety of initiatives to aim for a future filled with hope for all.

Pink Ribbon Project

for a future full of hope

KANEBO supports the Pink Ribbon Project, a project that promotes the importance of of early detection and treatment of breast cancer since 2017 We have cooperated with the NPO Japan Society of Breast Health. that has been certified in Campaign to raise awareness We participate in a variety of activities. since the distribution Distributed brochures on how to perform breast self-exams and involvement with organizations. Related

design for everyone

Comfortable experience from start to finish.

KANEBO products are created with universal design in mind. To be efficient in use and easy to understand for everyone. For example, KANEBO CUSTOM COMPACT which is a portable cartridge that customers can choose to place the product in Various formats as needed, such as Arranged according to different hand dexterity and placement according to frequency of use which this design considers each user even more

No animal testing

Promote the coexistence of all lives

KANEBO develops all products. (including cosmeceuticals) without testing with animals* and there are no plans to conduct this test in the future. We are committed to safety. We operate and develop products by complying with internal safety standards Including the application of safety information from records and collecting. our covers

*Excluding rare cases such as when it is necessary to demonstrate safety to the public or when the government of the specified country or region

Products that cater to gender diversity

For a world where everyone embraces differences that are unique in their own way.

KANEBO committed to creating products that transcend the boundaries between men and women, raising For example, KANEBO SCRUBBING MUD WASH is a skincare product that delivers clean feeling Refreshing, designed to be used by both women and men.